... where happy, healthy pigs and goats roam free!

Sweet Sixteen is a small farm in Henry County, Kentucky, the name comes from the fact that it is just over sixteen acress.

We began raising animals for our own consumption because we wanted to know exactly what was going on our kids' plates, and we did not want to support industrial meat producers who keep their animals caged their entire lives.

After trying cows, turkeys and chickens, we decided to concentrate on raising pigs, especially the easy-going and hardy Hampshires, and goats, especially Boer crosses (with Kiko or Miatonic).

Currently we have twenty pigs, forty five goats, 12 rabbits, one horse, two dogs and a few chickens on about fourteen acres of pasture which have not had any herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers put on them since we bought the farm eleven years ago.

We supplement the animals' natural diet with locally grown and mixed feed that has no hormones, steroids, antibiotics or animal protein, and yes, we try to name each one of them.

Our hogs and goats are processed at Harmon Brothers' Meats in Warsaw, KY. They are an Animal Welfare Approved butcher shop, USDA approved and always impeccable. We love the way they treat our animals -with respect and kindness- and the way they make our Country Sausage -a customers' favorite!

How we raise pastured rabbits: While the pigs and goats can roam freely in 14 acres without being in danger, the bunnies would not be safe on their own (we find wild rabbit pelts constantly because EVERYTHING eats a rabbit!). So we raise our bunnies in big hutches with large mesh at the bottom that allows them to eat grass and we move them at least once a day, so they always get fresh greens :)


Free range, ASH free, USDA approved, frozen 

*rabbit meat is not under the jurisdiction of the USDA


Country Sausage Mild --1lb. packages, great flavor, $5.25/lb.

Country Sausage Hot --1lb. packages, extra tasty, $5.25/lb.

Pork Chops --1"thick, packages of two, $7.25/lb.

Roasts --around 3 lbs. Boston Butt or Shoulder, $5.25/lb.

Ribs --Baby Back or Country Style, $5.25/lb. 

Ground Pork --1lb. packages, super lean, $5.25/lb.

Heart --weight varies, $5.25/lb

Liver --weight varies, $5.25/lb. 

Neck Bones --great for making soups or beans, $3.25/lb.



Ground --1lb. packages, $9.00/lb.

Shoulder Roast --sizes vary, $11.00/lb.

Leg Roast --sizes vary, $11.00/lb. 

Rib Roast --sizes vary, $11.00/lb.

Ribs --sizes vary, $11.00/lb.

Loin Chops --sizes vary, $11.00/lb.

Stew Meat --availability and size of packages varies (usually around 1lb.), $9.00/lb.

Liver --sizes vary, $5.00/lb.



Whole Rabbit, Large (4-5 lbs), quartered $20

Whole Rabbit, Medium (3-4 lbs), quartered $18 

Attila roams free eating everything from grass to pine nuts.

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